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Brow Colour

Everyone in the makeup game, from the novice to the expert, knows just how important eyebrows can be in framing the face and improving the appearance of other facial characteristics. The power of a good brow should never be underestimated nor should its ability to utterly transform a person’s appearance. With the stroke of an eyebrow pen, one’s look can go from soft to striking, elegant to electric.

But, with a market oversaturated by brow products, the eyebrow world can be a difficult one to navigate and can often leave people overwhelmed and confused.

The list of eyebrow makeup is endless and the questions surrounding this list are numerous. What’s the difference between a pencil and a gel? Do I buy a thin or thick eyebrow pen? And the question on everybody’s lips, what shade of eyebrow should I opt for?

Despite the simplicity of such a question, it’s not an easy one to answer. Everybody suits different styles and colours and there is certainly no ‘one size fits all’ approach when considering how to create your perfect brow. However, after extensive research and speaking to some of the industry’s elite, we have compiled a few tips and tricks you should consider when and if you find yourself hopelessly staring at the eyebrow section of a makeup counter.

Tip No.1: Don’t use one block colour on your brows.

Just like our hair, our eyebrows have natural highlights and lowlights and are never just one block colour. If you use just one eyebrow product and colour, therefore, you run the risk of making your brows look unnatural and painted on. Instead, try to incorporate several different products into your eyebrow routine in order to create a more textured and natural effect. Start by using a pencil to create the shape and outline you want, and then use a gel all over the area to add depth and body to your brows.

Tip No.2 Do not stray too far from your natural shade.

If you’re a little uncertain of what eyebrow product you should go for, play it safe and always choose a shade that is pretty similar to the natural colour of your eyebrows. As a rule, it’s good to choose a colour that is either one shade darker or one shade lighter than your natural hair. Once you’ve experimented a little with different shades, you will have a much better idea of what colour brow suits best suits you. Then, when you’ve got a better idea of what colour range you should work within, you can always try going for a more dramatic look.

Tip No.3 Do not completely match your eyebrows to your hair colour.

Some people think that you should always match your eyebrows to your hair. However, this can often look unnatural and a little too ‘perfect’. According to beauty expert and brow stylist to the stars, Aura Friedman, ‘by nature your brows are supposed to be darker than your hair’. So, to avoid accidentally making your eyebrows look fake and drawn on, make sure you do not pick eyebrow makeup that is the exact same colour as your hair.

Still confused as to which colour suits you best? Continue reading for a general guideline on how to choose the right shade for you.

For Blondes

Many blondes can often get away with having darker eyebrows as it creates a bold and more striking appearance. Think Cara Delevingne or Kendall Jenner (when she went blonde for a hot sec). However, if you are worried that darker brows might look harsh and unnatural against your hair colour but still want them to stand out, opt for a golden, ashy or taupe colour to subtly enhance the appearance of your brows.


Brow Colour

For Redheads

Finding an eyebrow colour that suits a redhead is often a tricky process. Not many people with red hair have red eyebrows so a little experimentation can go a long way when trying to match this type of hair with the perfect brow colour. For those with lighter, more strawberry-blonde hair then a taupe or golden pencil is a great option. Those with a darker shade of red hair should opt for an auburn-coloured pencil in order to maintain a natural appearance.

Brow Colour

For Brunettes

Generally, brunettes don’t struggle with finding brow products that compliment their skin and hair tone. However, most brow pencils are some shade of brown, so this can get a little overwhelming for brunettes just looking to define and shape their natural brows. A hot tip for brunettes is to stick to a shade that is only one or two shades lighter/darker than your natural colour.

To create a natural look, use more product at the tail-end of your brow and on areas that are sparser than others. This will create a more 3D and textured effect that always looks great.

Brow Colour

For Black Hair

For those with jet-black hair, black brows are often the best option. However, everybody is different and a dark-brown brow can also look great on somebody with super dark hair. For those who have just died their hair black, get your eyebrows dyed at the same time to eliminate any confusion about what to do with your brows when you get home!

Brow Colour

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