The Essential Eyebrow Guide: Styles, Shapes and How to Create the Perfect Brow

The Essential Eyebrow Guide: Styles, Shapes and How to Create the Perfect Brow

Everyone loves a pair of perfect brows, right?! And it isn’t hard to understand why; a good pair of brows can dramatically enhance the appearance of every other facial feature (yep that’s right, good eyebrows can make your nose look better) and can help to create the perfect facial symmetry we all dream of. But what factors determine whether somebody’s eyebrows are ‘good’ or ‘bad’? And with so many different shapes of eyebrows out there, how do you decide which one works best for you?  This guide will attempt to clear up most of your eyebrow queries and will help you choose the eyebrow style that suits you best. In addition, we will outline the different methods available that can help you achieve a pair of stunning brows.


Let’s Start With The Basics: Eyebrow Shapes.

Everyone knows that when you get a haircut, you need to choose a style that compliments your facial features and serves to accentuate your God-given characteristics. What some people don’t understand, however, is that the same theory applies to choosing your eyebrow shape. Deciding what style and shape of eyebrow to go for really depends on your facial proportions, dimensions and size. Once you know how to shape your eyebrows based on your specific face shape, you will be surprised at how different your entire face can look. Having great brows not only helps to emphasize and compliment the shape of your eyes, nose and lips but can boost your confidence massively, especially on the days you decide to go make-up free. So, what are the different styles of eyebrow styles that you can go for? And how do you know if you will suit a specific style and shape of brow? Read on to find out more.


High Arches

Some people love an eyebrow with an arch that sits high above the brow bone. High arches are great because they are both dramatic and extra defined, creating a picture-perfect appearance for those wanting to make a bold statement with their makeup.


Subtle Arch

Many people decide to steer clear of dramatic eyebrow shapes and prefer to opt for a subtle eyebrow. A “barely-there” arch is designed to follow the shape of your natural eyebrow structure and merely give definition to what already exists. A subtle brow is an easy look to pull off and even easier to maintain. In fact, all you need to accentuate your natural eyebrow shape is a soft brow pencil which can help mask any sparse areas.



Not all eyebrows need to feature a dramatic arch in order to look amazing. In fact, people with naturally angular faces should actively avoid sporting an arched brow and should opt for a softer, more rounded shape instead. A fluffy brow can help soften sharper features and is a style that never goes out of fashion!


Straight Eyebrows  

Some people’s eyebrows do not have a natural arch and instead lie closer to the eyes in a straight line. Although you might think a great brow is characterised by a dramatic arch and obvious structure, a straight brow can look just as amazing and typically looks great on those with a longer face shape. To keep your straight brows looking flawless, you should invest in a spoolie (a little mascara wand-style brush) that can be used to brush your brows into a definite line.



Thick Vs Thin Eyebrows

Thanks to Cara Delevigne, thick eyebrows have been one of the most popular eyebrow styles for years. And we understand why; thick eyebrows always create a more natural appearance and the boldness of a thick brow produces a more youthful look. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that thick eyebrows are for everyone! In fact, if you have a more heart-shaped face, you really need to steer clear of the thick-brow trend. A small jawline and an increased emphasis on the upper portion of the face is what characterises a heart-shaped facial structure. Due to these features, somebody with this facial shape needs to make sure that they keep their brows well-groomed to avoid unwanted attention of the forehead.


How to create the perfect brow

Once you’ve learnt what style of eyebrow will compliment your facial structure the most, you need to decide what method you want to use in order to create your perfect pair of brows. Whilst tweezing, threading and waxing are the most popular (and least time-consuming) ways to get your brows into shape, there are some other methods to consider when thinking about how to enhance your eyebrows.


  • Eyebrow Makeup

In today’s world, there exists hundreds of different products that can be used to create a fuller and more definite eyebrow. From gels to powders, pencils to brushes, you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to eyebrow makeup. Using these products, you can either use a stencil to draw the shape of your brow or you can just follow your natural eyebrow shape with freehand. Eyebrow makeup is great because it is cost effective and you have complete creative control over how your brows will look. The best thing about eyebrow makeup, however, is that if the application goes wrong then you can easily rectify it and start again!


  • Semi-Permanent Makeup

If, like thousands of other women, you do not want to draw your eyebrows on every day and instead want to have fabulous brows whatever the weather, you might want to consider semi-permanent makeup. Semi-permanent makeup (or SPMU) involves injecting a coloured pigment into the skin to create the appearance of makeup. SPMU eliminates the hassle of applying makeup and can often create an eyebrow that looks both incredibly natural and technically flawless. If you choose the right technician, the results obtained from a semi-permanent makeup procedure can be stunning and can often massively boost your confidence when and if you decide to go makeup free.


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