Micropigmentation Vs Microblading

Micropigmentation Vs Microblading

Women worldwide are constantly striving to achieve flawless status for their brows.


Framing the eyes, a well-groomed brow lends structure and definition to the face.

With bountiful-brows grazing the catwalks, magazines and Instagram feeds it’s not uncommon to start regretting more pluck-happy times.

The truth is:

The desire for bold, bushy and well-defined brows has left those of us that fell prey to the overplucking beauty trends of the ’90s on the quest for options to give us the brow empowerment we’re so desperately seeking.


Semi-Permanent Makeup

The ancient art form of tattooing has been around for many, many years. With beauty standards ever evolving, the principle of adding pigment to the skin has been borrowed for cosmetological applications.

After initially using permanent tattooing to enhance facial features, the semi-permanent alternative arrived on the scene, with it being particularly popular for eyebrow enhancement.

The difference?

This time the pigments weren’t delivered as deep into the skin, meaning that the results weren’t everlasting, making for a low-risk, high-reward treatment. However, the brash appearance and inky colours still made the eyebrow pencil a go-to for many women.

But here’s the thing:

Semi-permanent makeup has evolved. With innovative techniques and tools being used, beautifully refined brows are more readily accessible, without turning to drastic, harsh and outdated practices.


Modern Day Semi-Permanent Brows

Many of us are familiar with microblading. Along with other brow enhancing techniques, such as micropigmentation, this brow-enhancing treatment is actually a form of semi-permanent makeup.

Any time pigment is delivered, and lasts for a significant period of time, in the layers of the skin, a semi-permanent tattooing procedure has taken place.


That’s because when most of us think of semi-permanent brows we think of the solid blocky shapes that were a result of poorly executed earlier techniques. However, newer techniques have emerged that are shedding the previously held poor reputation.  

With faith in semi-permanent brows restored, it’s easy to recognise the benefits of opting for these types of treatment.


The Benefits of Semi-Permanent Brows

Time Efficient

Saving time during makeup routines, semi-permanent brows reduce the time needed to get you out of the door.

Confidence Boosting

With brows being a major facial sticking point for many ladies, having low-maintenance brows that look constantly flawless provides a surge in confidence - particularly for those with limited makeup skills.

Enhances Facial Features

A professionally designed and drawn semi-permanent brow takes into account face shapes and features to create a look that enhances natural beauty.

All semi-permanent techniques share these benefits, however, there are many techniques that fall within this bracket of treatments and not all are equal.


Let’s take a look...


Arguably the most well-known of the techniques, microblading gained notoriety via social media networks in 2017. Taking the sparsest of brows to natural beauties, this technique quickly turned semi-permanent sceptics into believers.

The technique?

Carried out using a scalpel-like instrument, the procedure involves making small paper-cut like incisions in the skin. Each of these mimics a hair stroke to restore a naturally shapely brow. These smalls incisions are then filled with pigment close to your natural hair colour to seamlessly integrate with your existing brow hairs.

The whole process takes a few hours, including numbing time, and healing takes up to 2 weeks. However, it’s important to note that the colour tends to settle in more naturally after a month, with a 6-8 week top up finishing up the results.

Overall, you can expect microbladed brows to last for 1-1.5 years before fading.



Gaining more traction in 2019, micropigmentation is the breakout eyebrow treatment that’s offering some serious rivalry to the previously reigning microblading. It’s most often referred to as ombré brows and this semi-permanent technique is quickly becoming beauty aficionados must-have treatment.


Mimicking popular makeup techniques, this approach is more applicable to modern-day women. With results offering a shaded gradient to the brow, it’s clear to see where it’s ombré brows namesake comes from.

How’s it done?

Instead of the fine lines of microblading, micropigmentation utilizes dots of pigments instead, more in line with traditional tattooing. These small dots allow colour to gradually be built up resulting in a more desirable ombre effect.

The results?

Full, beautifully diffused brows that most MUA’s dream of being able to achieve. The healing time is similar to microbladed brows, but the results last 2-3 times as long!

Micropigmentation Vs Microblading


Microblading Vs. Micropigmentation or Ombré Brows

Choosing which semi-permanent eyebrow route to go down can prove tricky. With modern day advancements offering us choice, understanding our eyebrow desires is the key to selecting the treatment that will deliver us the results we want.

Weighing up the pros and cons can often provide us with the insight we need to book in our eyebrow makeover.


Let’s take a look:


Micropigmentation Vs Microblading

Photo Credit - Stephanie Jackson


  • Natural

This skilled treatment uses microfine blades to create hair-like strokes which are incredibly lifelike. With an experienced technician who is able to create a flawless shape and select the right pigments, you can expect unbelievably realistic results.

  • Fills in Sparse Areas

The hair mimicking ability of microblading makes it a suitable treatment for touching up sparse brows. As the technique essentially ‘builds’ brows, it’s ideal for enhancing what’s already there, adding more shape and definition.

  • Suitable for Fine Hair

The very fine strokes used in microblading ensure that this treatment is suitable for those with fine hairs too, although scabbing during the healing time may make strokes appear thicker initially.


  • Not Suitable for All Skin Types

Unfortunately, those prone to oily skin won’t get the best results from microblading. If your t-zone is known to shine up during the day this is a sign that microblading may not offer the longevity of results that you’re after.

  • Makeup May Still Be Required

The incredibly natural results from this treatment often require makeup to further enhance results in order to more seamlessly blend in with everyday cosmetics application.

  • Regular Top-Ups Required

Due to the shallow pigment penetration, microblading requires more frequent top-ups, typically every 8-12 weeks, in order to maintain great results.

  • Traumatic to the Skin

In order to maintain microblading the regular top-ups mean many repeated incisions. Over time this causes trauma to the skin, potentially damaging it.


Micropigmentation (Ombre Brows)


  • Full Brows

Even though microdots of pigment are used, the results from micropigmentation are much fuller than microblading. Not blocky, or unnatural, but flawlessly defined and filled.

  • No Additional Makeup Required

The gradient appearance of ombré brows mimics modern day makeup techniques, meaning no additional pencilling or pomade is required. The natural gradient is perfect for everyday looks, with the more defined tail working well for more glam makeovers too - making it the more versatile technique out of the two.

  • Long Lasting Results

Micropigmentation delivers pigment deeper into the skin than microblading, so whilst still a semi-permanent technique, the results last much longer. The average is 3 years for ombre brows, compared to 1-1.5 years for microblading and the top-ups are required less frequently too! In fact, the time between micropigmentation top-ups is as long as the full life cycle of microblading.

  • Suitable for all Skin and Brow Types

The technique used to deliver pigment during an ombré brows treatment means it’s suitable for all brow and skin types - even oily complexions! Plus, the microdot approach is less traumatic to the skin than microblading, with minimal skin damage.

  • Machine Based Treatments Are Client Customisable

Unlike the manual microblading technique, machine led micropigmentaion offers more uniquity when it comes to customising brows for each individual client. Being able to alter pressure and speeds means a more precise treatment for faultless results.


  • Might Not Be For You

Micropigmentation is fully customisable to each client, meaning it is a treatment that truly works for everyone and can be tailored to give you the results you want. However, if you're all for the minimalist look when it comes to your brows then this might not be the treatment for you - but a quick look at some results pics may sway your opinion...


Why Ombré Brows are the New Microblading

After weighing up the pros and cons of each treatment it’s clear to see that whilst both techniques hold value, micropigmentation tops the scoreboard. Offering a more personal and customisable approach, the flawless gradient, created by microdots of pigment, is more akin to the popular brow styles of today.

Less maintenance, better results and kinder to the skin ombré brows are paving the way in semi-permanent makeup.


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