Microblading to Machine Conversion Course

The Microblading to machine conversion course is designed for those who want to learn how to create the perfect ombré brow. For those not already in SPMU and want to learn, please look at our beginners course.

The training course is incredibly personal and is designed to suit each student’s needs. Georgie also ensures that, before the course itself begins, each pupil is fully prepared for the practical learning days.  As such, each student will already have an in-depth knowledge regarding micropigmentation before the course begins which will widen their skill set and increase their confidence. During the practical learning days, Georgie will dedicate a large amount of time to ensuring that each student leaves the course with the ability to create the perfect Ombré Brow

However, the Microblading to machine conversion course is not just about the practical skills. It also includes a number of mini-workshops on how to market and advertise yourself as a Semi Permanent Makeup artist. Georgie takes the time to create a marketing plan with each student. By the end of this particular module, students will know how to brand themselves, how to manage their social media accounts and will have at least a six-month promotional strategy plan on how they are going to generate business and book up their diaries!

After the Microblading to machine conversion course itself has ended, Georgie also provides each student with two months post-training support. She also asks that each student submits practical and theoretical assignments which she will examine and give feedback on. Scheduled calls will also be arranged with students who are given the opportunity to ask Georgie for further advice during their case study period. Once Georgie is satisfied with the level of work produced by each student, they will receive their conversion certificate.

After the two-month support period, Georgie will still only be a phone call away if a student has any further questions.

Microblading to Machine Conversion Course

Course Breakdown


Before the practical training days, every student will be asked to answer a number of theoretical questions. Students will need to complete these questions a couple of weeks before attending the course. In addition, students will be provided with all the relevant theory and information on performing a micropigmentation procedure. GgBrows asks each student to learn half of this theory before the training days as the company believes this knowledge will dramatically increase a student’s confidence.

First Day:

The first day of training will revisit the theory of micropigmentation. After discussing all the relevant information, students will then get hands on with the hand piece and machinery in order to familiarise themselves with how the needles and pigments work. This day will be a brilliant opportunity for students to ask any questions they may have and to create a marketing and business plan. Georgie will perform a demonstration of the procedure in the afternoon where she will encourage students to film throughout. This footage will help students post training in the sense that they will have footage to look back on and continue their training online.

Second Day:

The second day is dedicated to teaching the student how to perfect the Ombré Brow technique on two live models.

Training Kit and Prices

The kit that students will receive with the course includes;

  • The Pro-Pad machine AND The Lite Pad Machine
  • 20 needles
  • The entire Tina Davies I LOVE INK collection which consists of 8 pigments.
  • The kit also includes every disposable that is necessary to perform the procedure.
  • Georgie’s Tool Kit to help you achieve that Perfect Instagram Pic!
  • UNLIMITED shadow days for a year post training

The cost of the conversion course is £5,500 including VAT. This includes all training, the kit and on-going support.

You only need seventeen clients to cover the cost of the course!

We believe that GgBrows training courses offer more than other courses; a friendly and personal leaning environment, ongoing support and the absolute best products available on the market. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to ask!

SPMU Training Academy

After becoming a leading artist in the aesthetic industry, in 2017 Georgie decided that she wanted to share her skills with others. She is passionate about raising the standards of Semi-Permanent Make-Up in the UK and believes that every student has the power to become one of the best in business.

GGbrows offers bespoke courses for those interested in entering the industry. The courses are intimate, and Georgie never teaches more than two students at a time. Each course package also includes a semi-permanent make up kit worth £2000 (the machine we offer in the kit is called the Pro Pad. Click here to learn more)

Our clinic is based in Surrey and can be easily reached from both London Bridge and London Victoria. We are also only a twenty-minute drive from Gatwick Airport.

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